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 Wired and Wireless Networking


Save time and money with shared Internet access



Shared Internet access means, simply, that you only need one Internet account for all of your computers — you can share the one Internet access account with every computer in office or home.
We can enhance your Internet experience, from simple Internet access sharing to increased levels of security. Ensuring high levels of security is vital, especially if you have a dedicated internet address, as is true with most DSL and cable accounts.
TANKOH can help with determining the Internet Service Provider for your purposes, and safely share an Internet connection among your computers. Already have a computer network? No problem — setting up your network for shared Internet access will be that much simpler.


Standard Networking $89*

•    Configure 2 computers to network.
•    Good for homes
•    Connect router to network
•    Password encrypt network
•    Configure domain(if available) and reserve IP to networked machines.
•    Configure network protection for unauthorized access

**Does not include hardware.

Advance Networking  $149


•    Includes one free wireless router (a $59.99 value FREE)
•    Configure file sharing between computer (Easily share your music and movies with families in house)
•    Configure four (4)  computers with built in wireless card into the network
•    Configure all computers to wirelessly print on one printer*
•    Good for home/ businesses with five (5) computers or less.
•    Connect router to network
•    Password encrypt network
•    Configure domain(if available) and reserve IP to networked machines.
•    Configure network protection for unauthorized access
(Best package, offers more than the basic)

*please note, printer must have a built in networked capability or built in wireless capability or own a print server.

Premium Networking $289

•    Includes all the Advanced wireless network package above
•    Includes an Advanced Wireless Router with a transfer rate of 125 Mbps with high level security encryption for home or small business. (a $99.00 value)
•    Includes 2 free wireless cards and installation (a $69.00 value)
•    Configure up to eight (8) computers/devices to the same network
•    Good for home-based businesses and small businesses with at least eight (8) computers.
•    Includes one (1) free remote access for security maintenance (One-time per year)

Networking Knowledge

For those that have broadband connection and would like to extend to different rooms in the house or would just like to connect PCs into a peer to peer network, Agtek provides home networking solutions based on structured cable, wireless or a mix of both.

Our fully cabled solution uses twisted pair copper which gives you the versatility of choosing a particular point for either computer networking or normal analogue telephone use.
Wireless LANs used with a copper cable backbone allow to you to reach areas of a building that may have wireless obstructions such as reinforced concrete walls. 

Our home network solutions are best implemented in new build homes, where access to runs have not yet been closed up and plastered. However we can advise on the best network solution in older buildings. All LAN cabling is carried out by a fully qualified ECSSA registered electrician, and communications hardware is installed by fully qualified network engineer.

Wireless only solutions can be implemented based on access points and wireless NICs. If you have a laptop or PC which does not have wireless capability, then we will advise on the best upgrade solution to get you connected. With a wireless NIC in your laptop you can connect to the internet through Wi-Fi hotspots when away from home