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2009-08-16 Mrs. Paula
Hey Tam, I heard through the grapevine that you left an ultimatum at Tankoh to take excellent care of PM’s computer!!! LOL. But wow, wow, wow. I love Tankoh so thanks to you for the referral. They were excellent — timely, accurate and very reasonable. And I love the in-home service. You can’t beat it. Phillip, my tech, was on the case. He knew his stuff, was very courteous and fun to talk with. Please let Tankoh’s managers know that Philip earned them a new customer who pledges to spread the word especially for those of us on Apples. The Apple Store is mean and nasty and very expensive after your 3-year Applecare plan runs out. And you can’t renew it. Plus, they told me it would take 7-10 days for them to get around to diagnosing my computer but if I wanted expedited service I could pay an extra $100 “club membership fee.” Sounds like extortion money to me :=>. Tankoh gave me a free diagnostic and then a mere $25 to install memory and bring me the part I needed to repair my computer. For $25, I would have driven to them but they came to me! So yeah, they are a great company based on my two experiences. I just wish they were also in the DC area. Thanks again and special kudos to Philip!!! He was also very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about Tankoh’s new computers. I may buy one in near future so I can have one pc (blah!) around!

2009-07-06 Vanessa
Best company so far. My kids needed brand new laptops as part of their school requirement. With the current economy crisis, being able to afford a brand new laptop with all the software requirement is around 900.00, not the 499.00 sold at other stores where you have to buy everything afterward and get charged for every penny job they do. Tankoh had the whole laptop, let me call it a package set and ready for my children and all they had to do is turn it on. Honestly quality is what i had from them

2008-11-27 Dr. Lisa
"Recently we had a major server failure and we called TANKOH Computer. I was amazed at the timely response. They had our server back up and running in a very reasonable amount of time. We appreciate their promptness in getting us back live." Dr. Lisa. Atlanta ER Dentist - Atlanta , GA

2008-10-25 James u

With Company's assistance over a two year period we did a total management restructure, including sales, marketing and re-branding. The company now runs much smoother, positive effect is so obvious that we regret only about one thing; that we didn't use the Company's services before.

2008-10-14 Cole P.

It is so refreshing to work with people who are honest, caring and NEVER say "No, we can't do that" We've been working with the Company for a year now. This company has given us the confidence to grow our technology and develop it in a controlled and manageable manner. Now we know how to run a business effectively.

2007-05-12 Mrs. Sanders Tiller

Customer testimonials Our computers crashed in the middle of a client emergency, we called TANKOH and less than 24 hours later, our service was restored, a new backup system had been implemented and warranties were in place to protect our business integrity and our client's information. Thanks TANKOH, you truly saved the day! -Mrs. Sanders Atlanta GA .