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IT Consultancy Services

    Most small businesses do not have a dedicated IT person, therefore base major purchasing decisions on advice of friends who may not have professional experience of the IT industry or advice from high street computer retailers who are geared towards selling to the home PC market. 

    TANKOH provides business class IT consultancy solutions for small and medium enterprises. This includes IT sales of business computer equipment and hardware as well as business software.

    All purchases come with the peace of mind that we test all of our product before passing it over to you the client. All purchases are backed up by full warranty, and should a fault arise within the warranty period, we will arrange a replacement on your behalf.

Network Support

For small and medium sized business, TANKOH provides a comprehensive technical support photo_networking_400services which covers all makes and models of machined compatible PCs, workstations and laptops.

Support covers all brands of PC ( including Mac, Dell, IBM, Lenovo, HP, Acer, Fujitsu Siemens, Iqon )

installed with Microsoft* Windows 2000 Microsoft XP Professional and Microsoft Vista operating systems, Microsoft Office applications and most standard application packages including anti virus and anti spyware.

Our services consist of telephone and remote helpdesk support for software queries and site visit by technical specialist for hardware repairs. All services are carried out professionally to Microsoft Certified Professional and CompTIA A+ standards.

Whether you have a hardware, operating system or application software problem, TANKOH can provide the technical solution to get your PC working again quickly.


TANKOH provides a professional installation service for the implementation of Microsoft networks whether they are on greenfield sites or part of an upgrade of existing systems.
Systems installations can include File, Print, Mail, and SQL Servers, PC workstations, printers and any associated hardware to connect all your computers and other business equipment in to a local area network. We can also connect your LAN to the internet for web and email or to other sites for VPN connectivity. 

All new installations are based upon Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Longhorn 2008 server system* which provides leading edge technologies in business WAN and LAN management. Client solutions are based upon Microsoft Windows XP Professional and windows vista ultimate.
We provide a full consultation service to analyze your needs and advise on options. After a full site survey we will provide you with detailed technical report and budget breakdown which blueprints the path to get your project implemented.

Our consultancy fee will be waived when you avail of our technical installation service. After project sign off you will continue to get three months free support of your new systems to ensure that your network is operating correctly. 

With TANKOH you can be assured that your IT systems will be planned and implemented to the highest technical standards.

Flat Rate IT Support

If you have ever experienced the frustration of a technician coming onsite, working through your problem, not being able to resolve it, taking too long to remedy your problem, and then dropping a big fat bill on you, we understand. Our Flat Rate IT Support is just what you need.


The fundamental problem with the "break-fix" way of hiring a technical support person is that you're not working for the same thing.  They are only profitable when you are not profitable.  Your downtime is their "boom" period. That just doesn't work for us.  It doesn't jive with our philosophies.


By signing up for Flat Rate IT Support, your company and our company are both put on the same side.  Your uptime means that your company and our company are profiting.  Your downtime is now our downtime, and you can see right away that our motivation is the same as yours.


We understand service.  We get it.  If you are looking at a way to control costs, and looking for a true partner for your Technology Support, contact us right away.

Internal Networking

Good business depends on good communication. Integral to your business’ successful day-to-day operation is an intelligently connected system of machines that can communicate reliably and is immediately responsive to the users who need it.

TeamLogic IT will create an internal network of linked machines that speak with the speed and immediacy that your business demands. Besides user-to-user interfaces, internal networking is also how your computers connect to other hardware such as printers. Your internal network can be linked via Ethernet cables, or set up to communicate wirelessly, depending on your needs and preferences.

Through internal networking, we can help you install, troubleshoot or repair your existing:

  • switches to ensure your information is routed correctly;
  • network settings so your computers can access servers, printers and the internet;
  • printer setups so they connect to the right set of computers;
  • routers to connect to the internet via wires or wirelessly.

Our technicians will assess your needs, set out a plan, then build an internal network that stores and recalls the documents you need, keeping a secure, free flow of information between employees and their internal departments. TANKOH IT agents maintains the most modern standards of Gbit/s speed and incorporates these standards into the design of your company’s local area network, or LAN.

What would happen if your internal network stopped working? How much would your productivity increase if your internal network were working more efficiently? Get in touch and we can help you streamline your present system, or plan and implement a brand new one.

Structured Cabling Installation

A Structured Cabling System or SCS is the combination of cable wire and network communications equipment in a building, to provide for the integration of telephone, computer data and building management and control systems.
The advantages of a structured cabling system in a new building or during renovation works, is the reduced cost of the cable media runs. Depending on the configuration, the cost saving of labor and materials in having one cable installed (instead of separate wires for telephone and computer data), can be as much as 30%.
With IP convergence technologies now becoming more reliable, structured cabling can provide a further reduction in costs by allowing the use of VOIP ( voice over internet protocol ) on the same network cabling as the computer data.
TANKOH provides copper structured cabling solutions for data networks based upon Cat5e and Cat6 copper wire configured to EIA/TIA specifications. These allow for bandwidths of between 100Mbps and 1Gbps.
Our cabling installations can be utilized in all business environments including:
Industrial units and factory floors

Hotels and indoor public spaces hospitals and educational facilities
Together with a structured wired network, TANKOH can include wireless access points to extend a data network to areas where wires are not wanted. This is ideal for open plan spaces such as warehouses, public reception areas , hotel and office building lobbies.
In hotel and cafe environments, these access points can be easily configured as WI-FI hotspots where timed access to the internet can be controlled by ticketed password which can be billed to your customers, on a pay as you go basis. 

This solution also allows for the placing of banner adverts in the logon panel and therefore allows you to bring in extra revenue from advertising.
Installation of all our structured cabling solutions is carried out by ECSSA registered electrical contractor, while communications equipment is installed and configured by Microsoft Certified Professional Engineer. All personnel hold legally required FAS Safe Pass for access to construction sites.