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Keeping You Connected

Through our networking services we can help you build a new office computer system from the ground up, re-configure your office to accommodate growth, or ensure offsite workers have access to your internal computer network. Our certified technicians understand the latest technologies that will help you get the most from your systems.

Internal Networking

Good business depends on good communication. Integral to your business’ successful day-to-day operation is an intelligently connected system of machines that can communicate reliably and is immediately responsive to the users who need it.

TeamLogic IT will create an internal network of linked machines that speak with the speed and immediacy that your business demands. Besides user-to-user interfaces, internal networking is also how your computers connect to other hardware such as printers. Your internal network can be linked via Ethernet cables, or set up to communicate wirelessly, depending on your needs and preferences.

Through internal networking, we can help you install, troubleshoot or repair your existing:

  • switches to ensure your information is routed correctly;
  • network settings so your computers can access servers, printers and the internet;
  • printer setups so they connect to the right set of computers;
  • routers to connect to the internet via wires or wirelessly.

Our technicians will assess your needs, set out a plan, then build an internal network that stores and recalls the documents you need, keeping a secure, free flow of information between employees and their internal departments. TeamLogic IT maintains the most modern standards of Gbit/s speed and incorporates these standards into the design of your company’s local area network, or LAN.

What would happen if your internal network stopped working? How much would your productivity increase if your internal network were working more efficiently? Get in touch and we can help you streamline your present system, or plan and implement a brand new one.




Typically, an installer will run voice and data cables through the walls or ceilings of your facility, linking individual workstations with patch panels in your server room and telephone closet. The technicians at TeamLogic IT neatly store and precisely label cables so they can be indentified easily should a problem arise. Once we’ve completed the project, we will carefully test the wiring and components to ensure that every workstation and wireless hub has a fast, clear connection to your network.

Installing broadband systems like LANs and WANs requires sophisticated cabling and the potential for cable clutter. Your inside wiring is most likely the largest and most complicated portion of your network cabling, and the greatest probable source of building code violations and fire hazards if it’s not properly and carefully installed. That’s why we focus at every step of the IT installation process on optimizing the number and placement of your cables. We can also help you prepare for future technological advances, or the evolution of your own system, by instituting a wire management system that makes it easy to pinpoint where cables are running throughout your facility.

As professional voice and data networks are some of the most challenging cabling systems to install, you will require the up-to-date training of our skilled team of technicians to know what’s what and where it’s located.
We know that as a business owner your peace of mind is built upon a safe and dependable infrastructure. At TeamLogic IT, we make sure even the relatively invisible footprint of your cabling is properly installed and diligently organized to form a solid, dependable foundation for connecting you to the outside world.

Bring us in to help with your next installation, upgrade or to discuss how we can help make a new system integration run as smoothly as possible.


Wide Area Networks (WAN)


To save costs on infrastructure, more and more businesses are allowing employees to work remotely. Other businesses are operating with a flex staff to cut down on costs of providing benefits to a full-time work force that you may not need every hour of the work week. To facilitate such innovations, these businesses and others need to connect multiple remote locations securely. This configuration, called a Wide Area Network, or WAN, covers a broad area, allowing you to share servers between locations based around a central email server connection.

When your business requires a WAN, we will establish it as a private network that never crosses through the public Internet, ensuring you a secure solution that will deliver the performance and power you need for a diverse array of applications, including video surveillance, point of sale, Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, and more. When establishing your VoIP phone system we will utilize your WAN to allow direct dialing between branches.

Having a WAN doesn’t mean you will be without Internet access. Rather, your access will be more targeted and secure. Remote users will access your server with a secure connection to get email, retrieve files, etc. When users need to access the public Internet, a single firewall will protect every location, centralizing security management and making it easy to know that all your locations are safe and protected. Now you won’t have to worry about coordinating firewall updates, saving you time and money across your network.

We will design your WAN using low-cost DSL circuits so you have the lowest possible cost per location while ensuring optimal performance. We establish nationwide coverage to your locations with a powerful internet access to allow users to surf with the speed and power they need.

When you need to expand your business across the country or into a new, more flexible structure, let us know and we’ll be happy to help you create a Wide Area Network you can rely on to perform powerfully and keep your information and traffic secure.



Our unique relocation service called MoveIT makes moving down the hall or across the country easy. Our cost-effective solutions safely disconnect, store, transport, and then reconnect your computers, printers, phones and faxes.

This invaluable service that saves you and your employees’ time, money and effort while maintaining productivity.

You can trust us to move your datacenter, or move, store or dispose of your IT equipment, allowing you and your team to focus on your everyday responsibilities. Whether you want to move un-racked servers across the street, or de-install and reinstall your entire enterprises IT architecture across the country, our nationwide network of engineers and logistics experts understand how valuable your business’ data assets are and operate with the utmost sensitivity to your timeline.

With this service, we will handle the whole move. We will establish a timeline with you that begins 90 days in advance when we’ll evaluate your site’s requirements for power, A/C and ventilation, network and equipment positioning. At this point, we’ll order and install phone lines, cable connections and the phone system at your new location. At 60 days out, we’ll conduct a blanket inventory of all your existing computers and servers, all your peripheral equipment like printers, determine whether all your software licenses are current and in order, coordinate a backup plan for redundancy during the move. A week before your move, we will de-install everything, labeling all your cables and computer equipment and documenting everything before packing it securely. Our bonded professional movers will supervise all loading and unloading. After safely transporting everything, we will then re-install it at your new location within 24 hours, verifying that all your servers, workstations and peripherals operate properly. We’ll troubleshoot any problems or errors, if necessary, then monitor all computers for a minimum of 30 days after the move to ensure maximum utilization. We will provide computer/technical “help desk” service for all employees to address pesky computer problems, aggravations and frustrations for 30 days.

Let the MoveIT Team help you inventory and prepare your computer technology and ensure that it is up and running quickly at your new location for as little as $50 per workstation! Get in touch today for your customized price quotation



We understand how fast business moves today and that your response time can directly affect your bottom line. The size of your bandwidth is directly proportional to your ability to send multiple pieces of information simultaneously. In today’s world, this can help you break ahead of the pack to gain a competitive edge.

We can make a difference with your broadband by helping:

  • foster relationships between your business and the best internet service providers;
  • assess your company’s needs and incorporate the latest DSL, cable modem and Wi-Fi into your both your local and wide area network;
  • install the hardware and cabling necessary for you to easily access the internet;
  • install appropriate internet software into workstations that will allow workers access to all necessary business sites for communication and research.
We also understand that what you do is nobody else’s business, so we offer the Internet and network protections you, your customers and your business demands. We help you choose the proper broadband installation that will integrate seamlessly with your Local Access Network, or LAN, while offering the power to keep your Wi-Fi a reliable source of Internet access. In the event that you may need support for this, your most crucial communication tool, you can rest assured that our technicians are always on the other end of the phone, ready to respond to your questions, and troubleshoot any problems should they arise.