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Hardware and Software

Creating the Right System for Your Business

Whether you’re establishing a new office, expanding your present one or upgrading your systems, we can help you configure the right equipment and software to meet your needs and budget. We can make sure that you get the appropriate hardware and software for to avoid purchasing unnecessary gear.


VoIP Telephone Systemsnew_computers_in_box_400

Many offices are migrating away from standard phone systems to Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP phone systems. How do you know if you can join the future of telephony?

We’ll begin by assessing your network to see if your network can support the necessary protocols, standards and any necessary installations; if your infrastructure is architecturally compatible with VoIP traffic; if your installed WAN technologies are compatible with VoIP; and if any technical difficulties like delay or jitter will impede toll-quality voice. Once the assessment is complete, you’ll see what, if anything needs to be done to make your system ready to accept VoIP. Our assessment helps ensure that your network can support our solution without encountering hidden problems once it’s instituted.

After the assessment, we’ll design your system to optimize sound quality, cost effective long distance calling, ensure 911 goes through and the proper information is transferred, formulate a disaster recovery plan, and long-term growth planning.

Through digital phone jacks at each desk, you can forward calls, re-route your answering system and increase your portability. This results in a relatively lower recurring cost for your business. We have different VoIP solutions, such as Cisco’s small business unified communications system, to meet your specific business needs. We will source all the compatible equipment and software, install it so it works properly, and teach you how to operate it. We will then be available to help you in the future should you run into any issues or need to expand. Get in touch and we can begin discussing the best VoIP system for you.


Equipment Relocation


Our unique relocation service called MoveIT makes moving down the hall or across the country easy. Our cost-effective solutions safely disconnect, store, transport, and then reconnect your computers, printers, phones and faxes.

This invaluable service saves you and your employee's time, money and effort while maintaining productivity.

You can trust us to move your datacenter, or move, store or dispose of your IT equipment, allowing you and your team to focus on your everyday responsibilities. Whether you want to move un-racked servers across the street, or de-install and reinstall your entire enterprises IT architecture across the country, our nationwide network of engineers and logistics experts understand how valuable your business’ data assets are and operate with the utmost sensitivity to your timeline.

With this service, we will handle the whole move. We will establish a timeline with you that begins 90 days in advance when we’ll evaluate your site’s requirements for power, A/C and ventilation, network and equipment positioning. At this point, we’ll order and install phone lines, cable connections and the phone system at your new location. At 60 days out, we’ll conduct a blanket inventory of all your existing computers and servers, all your peripheral equipment like printers, determine whether all your software licenses are current and in order, coordinate a backup plan for redundancy during the move. A week before your move, we will de-install everything, labeling all your cables and computer equipment and documenting everything before packing it securely. Our bonded professional movers will supervise all loading and unloading. After safely transporting everything, we will then re-install it at your new location within 24 hours, verifying that all your servers, workstations and peripherals operate properly. We’ll troubleshoot any problems or errors, if necessary, then monitor all computers for a minimum of 30 days after the move to ensure maximum utilization. We will provide computer/technical “help desk” service for all employees to address pesky computer problems, aggravations and frustrations for 30 days.

Let the MoveIT Team help you inventory and prepare your computer technology and ensure that it is up and running quickly at your new location for as little as $50 per workstation! Get in touch today for your customized price quotation!

Once your equipment arrives at your new destination, our local team of TeamLogic IT technicians will set-up your new offices as well as serve all your computer needs in the future. Get in touch, we’ll be happy to help make the right move.


Purchasing and Installation


Buying new computer equipment can be daunting, even for the computer savvy. Fortunately, our certified technicians can help you choose the right computer brand, software and peripherals that will meet your business objectives.

After assessing your needs, situation, and present system, we’ll design, purchase and install the equipment and software you need. This can include: desktop and laptop computers; printers, scanners and hard drives; CD and DVD burners; wireless networks; high-speed Internet; data backups and applications.

We can help you determine the advantages and disadvantages of desktop PCs versus laptops. If you do all your work in one place, don’t want to spend too much, and need something rather durable, then a desktop might be your best choice.

If you need the flexibility of working outside the office, especially for your salespeople visiting clients and employees who work from home, then laptops will be invaluable.

We’ll make sure your systems are large enough to accomplish your tasks, without being more than you need. We can design a system that is scalable enough to grow with you. Through our strategic partnerships and nationwide buying power with Microsoft, Dell, CDW and others, we can typically save you money on a wide range of equipment. We’ll be happy to purchase the equipment for you, or you can buy it directly from our suppliers.

When you buy from us, you also receive full installation of all equipment and software. We’ll connect everything to your wired or wireless network to ensure a smooth transition and to get you back up to full productivity fast.


System Assessment


Oftentimes, a business has several different systems running on a range of computers. Some of them are up-to-date with their software; others may be running a version of Windows that keeps it from keeping up with the rest of the office.

We start by asking the right questions to help us understand what you need your system and equipment to do now and in the near future.

Then we’ll take a detailed inventory of your equipment and learn what applications each computer is running. Not only will this help you determine what you’ve got, it’ll help alleviate wondering what systems and programs you need when you decide to purchase equipment and software. Is your hardware under warranty? If so, is it properly protected? We’ll help you learn if your software is fully licensed and whether your system, overall, is secure and reliable.

Through our research, we’ll deliver a detailed report of what you have now, and a proposal for what we recommend you update or acquire to meet your needs and to be in compliance with licenses, data security, etc. We’ll help you plan for growing or reducing your system capacity. From this, we can create an IT budget for you to follow.

Our assessment will help boost your speed and capacity, protect your data and help you plan properly for the future.

Let us know when you’d like us to make an assessment of your systems. It can be an eye-opening experience that can save you money and streamline your capital investment.