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Security threats are a growing issue for small businesses. We stay on the cutting edge of tracking the latest security hazards and employ a variety of technologies that will keep your data and systems safe.


Security Policy Manuals

Do you know about the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, or PCI DSS? You are required to abide by these standards if you are processing credit or debit card information, or hiring a third-party service to do this for you. It’s often cited as the greatest potential liability facing merchants today.

Non compliance can be punishable by everything from fines to being held accountable for the total amount of fraudulent charges, including legal fees, card reissue fees and more. Your merchant services account could be cancelled; you could face lawsuits from ID theft victims. And if you’re found to be non-compliant, your insurance carrier most likely won’t cover you.

Your team at TANKOH IT can help you be in compliance by doing things you might expect, like installing and maintaining firewalls and using the latest anti-virus software. We can also help you with something that few companies can: creating and maintaining a customized Information Security Policy Manual that addresses Information Security for employees and contractors.

Your Security Policy Manual will cover all the PCI DSS stipulations and more, allowing you to implement and document the security procedures you use for your computer network. A Security Policy Manual will demonstrate your care and due diligence before something happens. This is the first step in protecting yourself and mitigating your liabilities.

Your Security Policy Manual will inform your employees, effectively keeping you in compliance with the rules and regulations. If you don’t know whether you’re in compliance, then you need our help. Get in touch and we can help you create a Security Policy Manual for your business to protect your business should the unthinkable happen.




Firewalls are the essential collection of security devices — both hardware and software — designed to protect your computer network from unauthorized users both inside and outside your operations. They act as your computer systems’ gateway to the outside world, regulating all computer traffic between different internal and external security domains based on your rules and regulations. Firewalls are your first line of protection to control what comes and goes on your system, especially against your greatest source of vulnerability, the internet. Without the proper firewall protection, your computer system becomes vulnerable to malicious outsiders who can tap into your company and client information.

Firewalls can also prevent unauthorized access to or from your private network, regulating internal user access to sites that could prove harmful to your system, or legally threatening to your operations. All messages entering or leaving your intranet must pass through a firewall where the messages will be examined based on your security criteria, and when necessary, be blocked.

While most business Internet connections have modems that include a built-in inbound or one-way firewall and while they can provide some protection from Internet-based attacks, these are not enough to protect you. It’s important to implement a firewall which maximizes the security of your data.

Our experts can help ensure you have the right firewall protection in place, and that it’s operating properly. Get in touch, we’d be happy to test your system to see if it’s as strong as it needs to be, and then install the proper security procedures to reinforce or add more strength to this important gateway.


Spam Management

If you’re connected to the Internet and use email, then you need protection from dangerous spam and infected websites. Now that hackers have cost international banks and corporations millions, their next (and often easier) targets are small to medium sized businesses. Your financial costs can include: computer downtime; faltering productivity; lost sales opportunities. Harder to quantify is the damage this can have to your reputation. Even more frightening? The possibility that your corporate or client records could fall into the hands of these criminals.

You need protection at all points of interaction: on each desktop, on your network, and outside your business network’s boundary via your ISP or managed service.

Our technologies can protect you in all these places, preventing unwanted SPAM from ever hitting your inboxes, saving your employees the time and lost productivity of having to sort through the unwanted messages. Preventing SPAM also extends your servers’ life because it doesn’t have to work so hard dealing with lots of superfluous email.

Our powerful Spam Blocker requires zero client installations and features an intuitive GUI make it easy for administrators to: leverage the best spam filtering techniques including Bayesian Filters, Razor, real-time block lists (RBLs), as well as OCR for image spam and tarpitting; provides individual quarantines for each mailbox and filters SMTP, POP & IMAP. It transparently scans for spam, marks messages and intercepts emails, all while requiring no alteration of your network’s mail configuration. It’s constantly updated to guard against any refinements in trickery or techniques that senders create to get around other solutions.

Our assessment and implementation of the right spam management tools can help you block it before it reaches you.



Surveillance is the fastest growing segment of the security services field. According to the 2007 National Retail Security Survey, internal and external theft cost U.S. business owners like you over $40 billion.

Digital video surveillance can help you deter this crime, create accurate, long-standing records and identify theft when it happens. You can remotely monitoring several locations simultaneously, helping to increase employee productivity and discourage inappropriate behavior. All of this can help you reduce your liability, defend potential litigation and, ultimately, reward good behavior.

The latest digital video surveillance equipment is easy to use, delivers the highest quality images available, allows you to search and retrieve images, lets you archive, all while it continues recording 24/7.

If you’re a small business who’s new to surveillance, our TANKOH IT technicians can spec out the right hardware and software, set it up, then train you how to use it. Then
we’ll help you maintain it for the long run.

We can help you design an appropriate surveillance package for your operations that will include everything you need to monitor your business operations. This might include any of the following: security cameras for close-circuit television monitoring, digital recorders that scale from one camera to enterprise-wide applications, monitors, touch-screen systems and networked video solutions. You can choose to view all your operations remotely via IP-based cameras and web-based software.

We can set it up so it will easily integrate with your computer systems to give you — and those you authorize — ready access to both recent and archived footage.

Maintain profitability and productivity by securing your business today.

Content Filtering

To maintain the safety of their network, more and more small to medium sized companies are monitoring and filtering their employee’s Internet access. Content filtering lets you block certain categories of websites or specific websites from being accessed by users on your network. This allows you to control where your employees go to ensure their time online is relevant to their productivity, your bottom line and doesn’t leave you vulnerable to viruses, spyware and other maladies of the web. It also lets you preserve your network bandwidth so your network continues to run quickly and smoothly.

More and more small companies are monitoring and filtering their employee’s Internet access because online gambling, social networking, music downloading and peer-to-peer sharing waste valuable company time, but also leave you vulnerable to the threats that lurk on these sites. Hackers now exploit end user ignorance more than simply targeting the system itself. Spam, viruses and other malware have become a social problem, not simply a programming one.

Our Untangle Web Filtering enables you to regulate access to these sites, enforce network usage policies and monitor user behavior. Zero client installation and category block lists make it easier for you to:

  • Protect the network from malware on the web
  • Block time-wasting sites like MySpace and Facebook
  • Conserve bandwidth by blocking audio/video downloads
  • Leverage community URL categorization with the URL Submission Tool
Now you can easily monitor, set and enforce your own web usage policy with our Web Filter application—without the hassles of outsourcing it. Whether you want to use our block lists or set your own policies for hosts, domains and files types, you can block access to inappropriate sites and allow “passes” for others. Reporting enables you to view a big picture of the kind of Web browsing behavior occurring on your network.