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Email communication is integral to the way business operates today. Our certified technicians can keep your system running efficiently by troubleshooting any problems you may have and helping configure your system to run properly. Whether you have an internal Exchange Server or use a hosted email provider, we can ensure that your email works as fast as you do.


Hosted Exchange


In place of spending the $10,000+ in start-up costs for a new in-house server, or going through the hassle of trying to maintain your present server, you can partner with a third-party provider through what’s called a “Hosted Exchange Server”.

You get all the advantages of the latest Microsoft mail server to connect and get email, without having to dedicate one of your in-house servers to the job. Downtime and/or data loss quickly translates into lost revenue and increased employee frustration. You can save yourself the time and money of troubleshooting problems by leaving the server maintenance and investments to us.

A hosted exchange server gives you the added advantage of using the latest and greatest technology without having to pay to upgrade your equipment every time a new version of Microsoft comes out.

This means you get more of what you need: uninterrupted service, easy functionality, and advanced security, and a lot less of the headache of maintaining a server that quickly becomes obsolete in today’s fast-developing technological world.

We can set you up with our email hosting service that will support IMAP, POP3, and SMTP protocols with optional encrypted (SSL) connections. Your email will be fully compatible and accessible from many email clients, including Outlook, Thunderbird, Entourage, Mac Mail and other email clients on Windows, Mac and Linux / Unix operating systems. Our business email hosting packages will support Webmail and mobile mail programs for iPhone, Blackberry, Smart phones, the Google G1 and more.

Get started with a hosted exchange server and focus your time and money instead on what you do best: your own business.


Spam Management 

If you’re connected to the Internet and use email, then you need protection from dangerous spam and infected websites. Now that hackers have cost international banks and corporations millions, their next (and often easier) targets are small to medium sized businesses. Your financial costs can include: computer downtime; faltering productivity; lost sales opportunities. Harder to quantify is the damage this can have to your reputation. Even more frightening? The possibility that your corporate or client records could fall into the hands of these criminals.

You need protection at all points of interaction: on each desktop, on your network, and outside your business network’s boundary via your ISP or managed service.

Our technologies can protect you in all these places, preventing unwanted SPAM from ever hitting your inboxes, saving your employees the time and lost productivity of having to sort through the unwanted messages. Preventing SPAM also extends your servers’ life because it doesn’t have to work so hard dealing with lots of superfluous email.

Our powerful Spam Blocker requires zero client installations and features an intuitive GUI make it easy for administrators to: leverage the best spam filtering techniques including Bayesian Filters, Razor, real-time block lists (RBLs), as well as OCR for image spam and tarpitting; provides individual quarantines for each mailbox and filters SMTP, POP & IMAP. It transparently scans for spam, marks messages and intercepts emails, all while requiring no alteration of your network’s mail configuration. It’s constantly updated to guard against any refinements in trickery or techniques that senders create to get around other solutions.

Our assessment and implementation of the right spam management tools can help you block it before it reaches you.




As email communication becomes even more important for internal communication among your employees and external communication with your customers, it’s essential that your email system be running as smoothly as possible. We can help you with everything related to email, from increasing your speed, to updating your email software programs, to solving any problems you may be experiencing.

Users often get errors in their email program and simply shut the program and restart. But if you’re experiencing errors, what’s happening on the other end when your customers see it? The subtlest issues affect the way customers see you and your brand. Incorrect rendering on their end, or other errors, makes you look at worst unreliable, and at best inconsiderate of their time. We can assess and fix any errors to optimize your time online and maintain the image you’re putting forth.

Software updates make a big difference in the quality and range of communication possibilities. It’s critical to optimize your performance to have the latest and greatest email programs. We can install Outlook, Outlook Express and any other email software program you prefer. We will make sure you’re getting the most from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) by setting up free email accounts for you. We can also create web mail email accounts, giving you and your employees personalized Internet email accounts. We can help you set up automatic routing services for e-newsletters and other communications, making it easier to file and retrieve regular emails from your most important customers.

We can help you improve your choice of speed or provider, or install new servers to match your needs. Speed is the key to success in our fast-moving world, and it’s critical that you have the capacity to blast the number and size of emails you need to in order to communicate with your customer base.

Often, you can save time by communicating internally via an internet messenger service. Or save money by troubleshooting customers’ issues via chat. We can help you choose the appropriate service for your needs and help you maintain the highest security standards for it. We can help you optimize this service to route messages to your email account so you have a record of what’s been said for future use.

You don’t have to live with sub-par email services. Grow your business and boost your productivity with the right email for your business.