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Ralph Vincent, project manager

profile2Jim Smith has over 15 years of experience in the consulting and business industry and has worked with Company name since 1987. Jim works in many national and international industries including: finance, power and utilities, telecommunications, insurance, electronics, retail, fashion, manufacturing as well as not for profit organizations..
As a specialist in business transformational change, Jim cares deeply for the well being of organizations and their people. He specializes in keynotes and training seminars that increase employees awareness and build practical skills to effectively manage the diverse complexity of ages, faces, values, and views.

Jim successfully works with executive teams as well as all levels of employees. His skill in creating environments where people are willing to learn to do things differently and to do different things contributes to the successful outcomes his clients achieve and the business results they produce.

Jim is also a great speaker on the topic of people in business. He was recognized as the Best Business Speaker of the Year. Jim holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of US.

Along with his wife Ketty, and two children Mary and Robby, Jim lives in Texas where he is an active volunteer in the social system and on the Board of Advisors for Business Committee.