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"It Is Safer To Lease Rather Than Buy!"

Why Lease a Computer?

In today’s recovering economy, computer leasing offers affordable ways to maintain your technology lifestyle or enhance your technology lifestyle without breaking the bank:  Leasing a computer offers the following comforts:



               Minimal upfront costs. With a typical computer lease, you have little if any upfront costs, unlike an outright purchase. Instead, you pay a set monthly fee for the life of the lease. That's a benefit for businesses that can't afford a big lump-sum expenditure or would prefer to use that money elsewhere--on marketing, a new Web site design, or a trip to Maui, say. (I'd opt for the last option.)


               Predictable expenses. Many companies and individuals prefer having predictable monthly costs--such as a monthly lease payment--because it helps with cash flow management and budgeting.


               Easier end-of-life disposal. Computers are like cars: The moment you begin using one, its value starts depreciating. With a constant flow of newer, faster, cheaper models, notebooks are particularly vulnerable to depreciation. So, after two years, your $2700 notebook may be worth less than half that amount on the open market. To get that money, however, you'd have to find a buyer.

By comparison, some leases enable you to return your notebook to the lessor (such as a computer company's financial services division) at the lease's end. In exchange, you may receive a fair-market-value (FMV) credit on the computer, based on its marketplace value, condition, specs such as its processor and hard drive capacity, and so on. So if you're concerned about getting some money back when you're done with the computer, but you don't want the hassle of trying to sell it, an FMV lease may be for you.

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