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In a press release, FixYa reported strong growth over the last six months from nine million to 13 million monthly visitors. Simultaneously, new PC shipments have slumped as consumers hold off updating their computing hardware.


During the Great Depression, Americans found ways to repair and reuse many items -- turning gunny sacks into dresses, for instance. In the current economic depression, the same may apply to electronics, according to FixYa, a user-to-user tech support community.


For instance, at TANKOH computers, customers can call support agents and  obtain a complimentary computer diagnoses.  For only US $29.99, TANKOH offers onsite home call service charge to diagnose your computers most


TANKOH site's simple design also lets users search through existing computer and technology repair common diagnoses and “how to’s”.


Other companies in the tech support space are also citing growth.
TANKOH’s CEO, Phil Temb says, “When it comes to electronics, people are trying to either repair devices or add to its functionality and what the product can do for them."