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Music & Movie Backup

Do you have an extensive library of movies and music you’d like to share with friends and family while giving them the Ultimate Entertainment Experience?  We specialize in wired technology, giving you the ability to impress your guests by syncing your Surround Sound System with your MP3 files orcamera_cell_phone_400 iPod.  A TANKOH agent can assist with the following:

•    Complimentary backup device and online account backup
•    Configure your music and movies to your MP3/iPod
•    Configure your MP3/iPod to your Surround Sound System
•    Configure automatic backup of your MP3/iPod files
•    Train you on how to download and customize Playlists
•    An initial one-time backup of up to 10GB (additional backups available upon request)

*Complimentary file backups and online account backups are available with this package.

Music & Movie Recovery

Your photos, videos, music and DVD’s are important to you - you can’t afford to lose them to natural disasters, hackers or through lost or damaged technology.  Allow our TANKOH agents to put backup procedures in place to protect you from loss.


TANKOH backup solutions range from hard disk copy to writing to high capacity DVD or tape drive. We can advise on the right choice of computer backup to suit your needs and your budget.


Game Backup

Gaming today has increased a fooled. With HD TV connections, network connections, connections with the controllers and other peripherals, and of course more and more menus, gaming isn't always as easy as putting in your disk and playing it. 

Parents, are you worried about the violent contents in games rated R?. Not only are there more graphic and violent games than ever before, but most consoles can now connect to the internet where harmful materials are always a risk.

An agent will fix that by performing the necessary connection of all of the cables necessary for your Wii, Xbox 360 or Playstation 2 or 3. Then he will connect those consoles to any peripherals you have, especially wireless ones. Also he will arrange the set up all the settings just the way you want it. Parental controls are also set up and managed so you can feel secure, knowing your kids are safe while they play their favorite games.