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IPod & MP3 SetUp

KOH’s iPod/MP3 configuration service offers the ease of use and compatibility with yournewipods_400

computer. This service provides security and ability for you to backup your music, movies, pictures and files to your iPod/MP3 and avoid the risk of losing important information due to natural disasters or the failure of your hard drive.  A TANKOH agent will take away the complexities of figuring out this process by giving it to you in simple and doable steps.




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iPod/MP3 SetUp with Training

onfiguring your new iPod does not need to be a hassle. Our agents are trained to help you:

•    Configure your iPod with your Computer
•    Upload iTunes to your Computer
•    Transfer music from your Computer to your iPod
•    Transfer picture files
•    Train you to backup media files from your iPod to your Computer
•    Transfer your music and pictures from old MP3/iPod to your new MP3/iPod

Connect Your IPod & MP3 To A Surround Sound System

Do you have an extensive CD Library you'd like to store on your iPod/MP3? Or would you like to impress your guests with your surround sound system using your iPod/MP3 and avoiding the "labor intensive" in  and out switching of CDs while entertaining your guests? Our agents can:

•    Configure your surround sound system with your iPod/MP3
•    Configure and train you on how to customize your playlist
•    Train you on how to backup your CD collection to your iPod/MP3

Sync Your Movies & Pictures To Your IPod

Carry your movies and pictures everywhere and show them to friends and family.  Also backup movies and pictures to your iPod/MP3 in the event your hard drive is lost/stolen or damaged. Our agents will:

•    Show you how to backup your movies to onto your iPod/MP3
•    Sync your pictures from your camera to your iPod/MP3
•    Train you how to play movies on your iPod