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TANKOH has only one goal, to provide our customers the best service in the industry.  We offer cost effective IT solutions for everyone and are proud to be respected as an industry standard. oo

Working nationally since 2003, our desire to meet the need of our growing client base prompted the creation of this site. We have divided our service area into several divisions in other to accommodate any IT aspect required by you or your company. We have a complete automated scheduling and service system which assures that you will get assistance in the shortest possible time.

We work with highly trained technicians who are qualified and value our standard of Excellence. Unlike other companies, we do not use untrained technicians and freelancers. There are numerous players in the market who will send contracted technicians out to your site to service your equipment and leave you with the confusion of multiple billing. 

It is our fervent hope that the products and services offered at TANKOH would meet your expectation at the highest degree. We also guarantee that any problem you might encounter while using any of our products or services will be solved in a timely manner.

Your satisfaction is our highest priority and will always be the promise of TANKOH.
 Company name was founded in 1987 by the current president of the Company. Soon the Company earned a reputation as a trustworthy partner that always demonstrates its value in practice. As the Company grew, it maintained a reputation for high business quality, strong financial performance and excellent customer service. It was this viability that kept the company open during the crisis, when the Depression closed many others.
For over 20 years the Company has provided a comprehensive business strategy and solutions through the multilevel Management System. After the foundation was first developed in 1989.
Company name has been subsequently advanced and expanded for over 16 years. The technology has been kept current, and new features and functionality added to provide our customers the most cost effective, flexible software solution available.
In addition, while our customer base has grown from 12000 in 1988 to over 70000 in 2008, our client base
includes some of the largest business companies in the world. We have increased our ability to operate with external client software. Our Company can serve many customers simultaneously, while still providing the rich functionality necessary to communicate with Business Professionals today.
Our Business Company is expanding our offering as well. We offer solutions for Business Companies of any size and form of property. We have been providing customized solutions to our clients throughout our history. Our solutions are global, and our future developments will take even greater advantage in the business world offering more flexibility to our clients and their partners.
The development of our first products and services, began during 1986 in conjunction with a famous business commercial company owned by the principals of Company name, Inc. Through interactions with actual customers of our products and services in business environment, our Company was continually enhanced to meet the needs of businessmen and their staff, and more importantly, ther customers.