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  1. Cost neutral to the school, funded by parental and/or student contribution.
  2. Students own the laptop at the end of the scheme and can bring it with them into further education.
  3. Student is getting a high spec, built to order laptop.
  4. Warranty and insurance package that protects the student throughout the scheme.
  5. Increase the pupils-to-computer ratio at the school.
  6. Parents/student saves 15% on released laptop.

The use of a laptop PC seems almost mandatory in today’s education environment. But for many students and parents the purchase of a laptop PC is a financial burden that is hard to bear.

High credit costs and low reliability makes retail purchase unattractive.
TANKOH Finance’s leasing laptops for students’ scheme means that all students can lease a high quality, durable laptop through their school.



Leasing from TANKOH Finance offers schools all the quality, best practice, service and support they’d expect from TANKOH, with the added benefit of worry free, cost-effective leasing of tough, reliable laptops.

Schools can now promote laptop use to all students with the confidence that should anything untoward occur they are fully protected by comprehensive insurance.

Setting up and maintaining the scheme is also easy, with almost all the administration and support being carried out by TANKOH Finance.

*For the first 2 weeks with a 1 6 months lease agreament