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Business Computer Leasing

The need to be current with computer technology, whether with laptops, servers or networking equipment, is necessary to your business growth. 

Advantages to Business Computer Leasing:

If you have ever purchased computer equipment before, you are probably familiar with the term 'obsolete.' It's not that you aren't buying the best product at the time of purchase. It's just that computer companies are constantly coming up with faster, more efficient, capable machines. These new upgrades and efficiencies are excellent, since most will benefit your business. But they often cause your old computer equipment to become obsolete, or force you into a position where you must upgrade in order to run more complex software. Business computer leasing is tailor-made for this situation.

It's at this stage when many organizations - both private and public - start to look at their business computer leasing options. After all, who wants to dip into their credit line or cash reserves in order to come up with several thousands of dollars to upgrade computer equipment or software they just paid for six months ago? That's where Tankoh Equipment Leasing comes in. Business computer leasing has become an important option for any business, due to the numerous advantages it has over purchasing.

Tankoh Equipment Leasing has had hundreds of clients who chose business computer leasing and software financing for many reasons. As we mentioned earlier, computers become outdated after about 3-5 years, with computer speed and memory capabilities doubling every 6-8 months. Business equipment leasing helps you to stay ahead of the curve. In fact, the more specialized your computer needs are - graphics, video editing, etc. - the likelier it is that your computers