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Securing Your Data

Keeping your data safe is one of the most important challenges facing businesses today. Our technicians stay on the cutting edge of data backup systems and technologies that will give you peace of mind in the face of disaster. We can utilize image-based backups to speed up recovery from hard drive failures. We can deploy remote online backups to ensure that data is backed up to a secure offsite facility. In the event that backups are not available, we’ll partner with data recovery service providers to get your data from damaged or inoperable hard drives.


Remote Online Backup


Did you know that over 80% of organizations do not have a reliable backup plan to protect their data? Or that new legal regulations require email to be retained for up to 7 years?

If something happens to your building (or even your hard drive), it’s important to give your data added protection by storing it somewhere off site. Barring a major disaster, remote online backup lets you easily recover or restore the previous version of a file over the Web.

Our reasonably priced, trusted third-party vendor specializes in unified data backup and email archiving services. Every night, they will automatically encrypt and send your data to their offsite location, ensuring that your data will be intact without your having to worry. This peace of mind means that you’ll be up and running quickly in the event of a disaster.

Backing up remotely also means you don’t have to continue depending on outmoded backup devices like tape or ZIP drives, DVD or CD ROMs, reducing clutter and preventing you from buying into a technology that quickly becomes obsolete. Even more importantly is the fact that most people simply don’t have the time, or remember to take the time, to regularly back up their files. By having it happen automatically, you can focus on other, more important, daily tasks.

Our system is easy, requiring as little as a ten-minute setup for automated protection and Web-based monitoring of all your data backup. We maintain military-grade encryption to ensure secure pass phrase recovery. We offer continuous incremental backups, so you can have up-to-date backup, so you can be back on your feet without missing a beat. All this at an affordable price with flexible billing options.

Think about your current backup plan, then get in touch to see how we can help you rest assured that the core of your business — your data — is stored in a safe and secure place offsite.


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery


The security of your information has a direct effect on how well your business operates. It’s critical to examine your disaster recovery plan to ensure your business continues along a healthy, profitable route.

As laws and regulations begin to be instituted across the United States, small- to medium-sized businesses will have to respond with tangible ways and documented proof that their customers’ information is safe no matter what happens. For the well-being of your own operation, it’s important to ensure your data and information is continuously available. This often means going beyond minimum legal requirements, including having disaster recovery plans in place and the proper training for you and your employees. You remain accountable, no matter what happens.

With our third-party partners, we can help you craft a customized plan to help recover your lost data. We can help you stay up to date with the laws and regulations that apply to your business sector, including how these rules translating into tactics you can implement in your day-to-day business. When we enact procedures for you, it will be with your entire enterprise in mind and with a goal to satisfying as many regulations simultaneously as we can.

Our business continuity experts and combination of cutting-edge systems will help safeguard your system while our powerful recovery mechanisms will get your business up and running again. Don’t leave the future of your business to chance, get in touch today to begin putting your data recovery plan in place.


Local Image Backup


Are you one of those small businesses without a data recovery plan in place? Do you keep all your most important servers in one location, maintaining them with a barebones IT staff? If so, you’re a member of an all-too common group of businesses who could lose countless amounts of business should those servers go down in a natural or man-made disaster. While insurance will pay for new servers, it won’t recover your lost customer database, transaction records, accounts payable or receivable entries, system applications, or all the other countless documents that in this day and age IS your business.

Through local image backup, a subset of our larger SystemWatch® product, we can back up your Windows and other applications, as well as your settings and data, making it simple to restore your data onto a blank hard drive in case disaster strikes.

We can set it up so you can back up a server image to two locations, helping you protect both your actual and virtual servers from software failures and any physical damage to your servers. Our local image backup system will create an exact Windows server disk image, including the operating system, databases, and applications, making it simple and easy to recover your exact records. It will also make it fast and easy to migrate your systems between your actual and virtual servers.

Our solution is designed to protect all Windows servers, your on-site workstations and  any mobile computers that are part of your extensive IT environment. We’ve created an easy-to-navigate management and reporting system, making administration of the service cost-effective and stress-free. Our centralized, web-based administration allows you to easily schedule backups, gives you peace of mind by showing what backups have taken pace and when and highlights any potential issues. Our universal restoration process makes it easy for you to recover all your information to dissimilar hardware or virtual machines.

If you’d like, we can test your current backup system, and assess your business to configure the most powerful, cost-effective, user friendly backup system for you.


Data Recovery Systems

So say your business has no data backup system in place and your system fails during a disaster, what do you do? With some time and effort, it’s still possible to recover your data from PC, Mac & Notebook hard drives, CD's and removable cartridges as well as DVD's, flash media, digital cameras, iPhone/iPod/MP3 Players and other micro drives, RAID's, SAN's and NAS's.

We have trusted partners whom we work with to recover what’s possible to recover, then return the data to you. Our program is compatible with all computer manufacturers to recover data on their products without invalidating your original warranty. We have one of the fastest standard turnaround times and highest desktop data recovery success rates in the industry, all while keeping your data confidential and safe. Our certified engineers are equipped to safely recover your encrypted files and drives. We provide immediate phone and Web access to experienced data recovery specialists any time of day, any day of the year.

Unlike a desktop that stays in the same place, your laptops come in contact with potential disaster much more easily. How often do you have a cup of coffee or drink a glass of water while working on your laptop? One little slip and everything can be ruined. We offer specialized laptop disk recovery, laptop hard disk recovery and notebook data recovery.

We recover Redundant Array of Independent Disk (RAID) data from all RAID levels from any loss scenario, including multiple drive failures, severe corruption and natural disasters.

You can choose from a variety of plans that can recover your data in as little as 24 hours, or if you have a little more flexibility, as long as a week. We have a variety of ways to deliver that to you, including on a device, or via our secure FTP site. We also offer several layers of security, including high security, encryption/forensics and on-site.

Your data doesn’t have to be lost forever. Let us help you recover it and get you back in business in no time.